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Molly & Stitch

[ ad] In January we received a package I was insanely excited about. My dogs have never owned a leather set before and I've always adored the classy looks. I've always loved the soft, natural colours and knew how good Vicky looked wearing brown. SO! We got...

Chasing the Tale

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for. And this time we are striving big time. The idea of creating Chasing the Tale was born a couple of years ago; first of all thinking of just creating an Instagram account to connect people who...


We may not have it all together, but together we have it all. This month we are celebrating 6 months of living on our own. Day to day, working, exploring, adapting, learning, admiring and loving, loving the whole process of it. Being in peace with yourself brings...

hello 2019

I have set no resolutions for 2019 and even when I want to really write them down to stick to them through the year, noting comes to my mind. For the longest time now I've planned one second, one hour, one day in advance. Since...

Forever in a day

ᨏ Life's been crazy lately so this will be my first post about how we are doing. Tuvalu is slightly over 3.5 months old and she is so simple, so ideal, so fitting into our hearts, laps and life. If before I could never imagine having...

what drives you?

  Every once in a while I stumble upon my YouTube channel, scroll through puppy videos of Vicky, laugh, cry, giggle and find myself squealing over how adorable she was. Then I open my summer videos, one by one and soak in the emotions that followed...

here and now

In this very moment. Days go by as I keep staring at those feet running, falling, tripping, standing up again, running. Not a single care, all happiness. The other day my best friend was visiting and we would just finish the photoshoot of 5 pups and...

Vision of Paradise

She was something else. She was cute and clumsy and her smile lit up something inside of me that I never thought a dog would besides Vicky. Every day I left it time to make the right decision, each day she would run back to...

do life big

It's been 7 weeks since the Vikings were born and all I have ever wanted them to grow up to be was healthy and daring. They for sure will be naughty, they for sure will grow through all the possible stages of puppyhood, teenage months...

5 weeks of Happiness

Can you guys stop growing for a second, please!? I feel like it was only yesterday that they were born.   ↠ They are slightly over 5 weeks old, got their own playroom, met the outside world, tasted the real raw food, met other dogs and lots of people....

big hearts tiny paws

First couple of days absolutely went smoothly. Vicky's stitches started to itch on the 3rd day and even walking a few meters to go pee was kind of difficult. Her back legs were marching as if she was about pass super high cavalettis, trying to...