Doggone Jolly’s Hyper Handsome

Date of birth: 26.09.2014

Colour: Blue merle tricolour

Hips: not tested

Elbows: not tested

Shoulders: not tested

CEA : not tested

TNS: normal

CL: not tested

MDR1: not tested

IGS: normal

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Testicles: has both

Size: 53.5 cm / 17 kg

In general, life with Ghimli is really nice and easy. He is happy about any attention you give him even if you only talk a few sentences to him. Ghimli doesn’t need much space and always prefers to sleep on the floor instead of his bed. You can take him basically anywhere may it be big cities, shopping centers, trains, buses, ships, cars and a lot more – all of that is absolutely no problem for him. He loves adventures and is always open for trying new things. At home he is calm and relaxed and spends most of his time lying around or playing alone in the garden. He is really good at playing on his own so he is happy to occupy himself if needed In general he loves to play, whether it is on his own or playing with us but at the same time he knows when it’s time to stop and relax.

He lives with 2 Beagles and 5 people in the house. “His“ Beagles, Micky and Jonah, are his big loves. Ghim loves both of them to bits no matter how much they ignore him (not always of course) or how grumpy they sometimes are. It’s the same with all of the family members, he loves everyone and is happy about anyone. Ghimli loves strangers and I don’t know a single person that he is afraid of or doesn’t like. As much as he loves everyone as well as total strangers, he never bothers strangers and able to pass them without a leash and without bugging them in any way. I would say that he is not really interested in strangers as long as they don’t give him attention. When they want to cuddle him, he is really happy and loves to give kisses but he is also able to stay calm. He is a bit afraid of children, especially when they stare at him but he is never aggressive to them in any way.

Dogs are a bit difficult for him. He has been cautious of dogs that he doesn’t know since he is a puppy. We worked a lot on that and it is a lot better but he’s still not 100% confident with dogs he doesn’t know. With dogs he knows it is the opposite and he likes them very much. Small dogs make him uncomfortable and he’s happiest if they keep their distance. If they stay away he can keep his personal space and is able to ignore them. He is a great worker. He loves to work and always gives his best to do everything the correct way. Sometimes he turns a bit crazy and tries every trick he knows and hopes that it is the right one, especially when he has worked for too long but it is easy to control him then and he calms down very soon. He loves clicker training and heeling.  He learns and understands really quickly and it is a big joy to work with!

So all together he is a great dog. You can take him anywhere you want and he fits in almost every situation. He is a great dog to live with and always gives his best to do everything right. He’s got a good off switch which results in being able to settle even on the off day when he get his usual exercise.


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Living in: Slovenia

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