Doggone Jolly’s

Doggone Jolly’s is a small Border Collie kennel established in 2014 with first litter of Border Collies.


When looking for a name of my kennel my first thought was – there needs to be something representing Vicky in the  first place. I chose ‘Jolly’ right away, also because of the meaning itself – which in my eyes represents the character of a border collie. Definition of ‘jolly’ is ‘full of good humor and high spirits’, ‘greatly pleasing’, enjoyable, ‘full of happiness and joy’… Since Vicky has always been living up to her name, I thought with her starting my own breeding all of my  puppies would carry at least a little tiny bit of her.


Vicky comes from the kennel Doggone Borders in Belgium which I have always loved and admired.

After that the breeder let me used the word ‘Doggone’ which she described as:

In the dictionary, “doggone” is actually a euphemism for “god damn!” or simply “damn!”. Now, this could be used positively as in “you are goddamned fantastic!” or “damn your good!” which I would use when my dog runs well at an agility competition. It could also be negative, as in “damn you” or “damn what have you done now!” which is used when I discover half my shoe has been eaten. So yes, “Doggone!” is like the two sides of a coin, or yin & yang, or happy & sad. And, just like in real life, you cannot have one without the other because they cannot exist separately. And every good dog owner knows that with its many pleasures comes some frustration. If you know that before you become a dog owner… well, then you’re sure to have a doggone good time! Like life itself, the expression has both an up-side and a down-side. However, in my case I use the UP a lot more — which is a wonderful feeling!
Quoted from Ann Eiserman, Doggone Borders kennel (