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Doggone Jolly’s Vision of Paradise

She has this way about her. When you see her, you just know you've been missing out on some of the best parts of life.

Date of birth: 13.06.2018

Colour: Red merle tricolour

Mother: Jolly Vicky from Doggone Borders

Father: Icepeak Ray’s Fly High

Breeder: Anja Troha, Doggone Jolly’s

Colour: Red merle tricolour
Coat: Smooth

Size: 50.5cm / 15kg

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Shoulders: 0/0

Spine: OK/2020

Knees: OK/2020

ECVO eyecheck: to be done

CEA : carrier
PRA : normal

TNS: normal

CL: normal

MDR1: normal

IGS: normal

DM: normal

RS: normal

SN: normal

GG: normal

AEOD: carrier

To know Tuvalu is to know the wild.

A soul with a can-do-it-all attitude who opened my eyes into the wider world of dogs; their behaviours, abilities and dog sports. She is my all-inclusive, XXL bundle of new experiences and lessons. 

My life changed the moment she came into this world. To it, she brought intensity, power, and drive. She is a package of endless energy and her favourite thing of all is to run as fast as her paws desire. Light and bouncy on her feet, while outdoors, she gives off the impression that she can truly be everywhere at once. She’s a biddable worker and an absolute joy to try new disciplines with- after all she always gives them her 150%!


I always introduce my dogs to as many different types of disciplines as I can. I do so to test their potential in different sports and to see what they enjoy most. Tuvalu is a brilliant scent work dog and is absolutely crazy about mantrailing! She’s also tried her paws at bite work and was beastly, to say the least. In addition, she is light and bouncy in frisbee and, most of all, she’s becoming a lovely sheepdog with a collected pace, an ability to quickly learn new tasks, move sheep and solve problematic situations herself. We love going on working holidays in the UK where she helps with daily tasks around the farm. One of her favourite things to do while herding is hold a single sheep in place. That’s not all though, we’ve also started with agility and some basic obedience work and we both endlessly enjoy it. Tuvalu also LOVES to run and therefore enjoys canicross and bikejoring too. However, besides participating in these dog sports, what we love above all is to make the most of every day by being outdoors, in the mountains, by the ocean… you name it. Just like myself, Tuvalu loves outdoor adventures too! AND, like her mom, she’s a fantastic swimmer and enjoys morning ocean swims with me!

You need to be careful with what you say around her because she picks up words, and names, of things, actions or objects in a heartbeat, and understands almost absolutely everything. She is my little heart dog. A dog that sleeps curled up in a little ball next to me throughout the whole night, and steps on my face, and pushes her head under my chin every single morning.

Despite her explosive nature outdoors, she is an incredibly easy dog to live with, in everyday life. She’s had a natural off switch ever since she was a puppy, is extremely calm when needed and has never had a problem settling anywhere.

Tuvalu has a funny way of expressing herself; be it when she’s happy, excited, sad, or wants something, she will do her famous little ROAR. It’s one of the most adorable, and signature Tuvalu, things she does. She will even roar in different tones depending on what she wants to communicate! The behaviour accidentally got reinforced during her puppy weeks already – her tiny roars were the cutest, of course!

In her teenage months, she went through some fearful phases. She barked at people in the dark or when someone approached us from a distance. She’s also unsure about little screaming children. However, with age, most of those behaviours have almost disappeared and she has grown into a confident little girl. She even greets people on walks (like her incredibly people-oriented mom Vicky!). She is very attached to her family and to the people that are close to her. She normally ignores strangers but will become friends with anyone if they give her a chance.

Tuvalu is neutral to other people and dogs. She is really easy to read, she really appreciates her personal space around dogs and doesn’t like overly happy pushy dogs that can’t read her well and don’t respect her space. Moving away from the situations she finds uncomfortable will always be her first choice and she will not react to conflicts such as being lunged at.


Growing up she slowly bloomed into one of the easiest dogs to have around, she adapts to new situations very quickly and easily. In her first year she’s also traveled the entire summer, been around many many many MANY dogs, slept squeezed in tents and enjoyed the nights by the campfire by sound of ocean waves before we fell asleep. I love my little beast and love seeing her grow, develop and teach me to be a better person and a better dog trainer.

Some of her videos: