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Photos aren’t supposed to be looked at. Photos are supposed to be felt. They don’t only bring back memories, they bring back feelings, emotions, conversations, thoughts and stories of that day, that moment, that blink of an eye. They bring back the feeling of that soft puppy fur and wet kisses, salt on your skin after swimming in a cold sea, they will bring back memories in your head like laughter and screams of joy, feelings of freedom, happiness as well as warmth and positivity of people around you. Photos are like magical teleportation of your mind, to that year, that day, that moment… Photographs express so much and if you can feel it better than you can see it, you’re lucky.

I’ve been passionate about catching the moment frozen in photographs ever since I remember. I started with a good old Pentax WR90 when I was about 7 and all I was taking photos of were animals. Turtles, guinea pigs, dogs and horses as far as I can remember. Later on I was playing around with Canon PowerShot A40 and just literally all photos happened to be of my dogs. Then one day I found out that  my dad has a Canon 300D. Back then I was 11. It started becoming such a big part of my life there wasn’t a day I’d go out of the house without taking my camera with me.

When I got puppy Vicky in 2010 I have decided I want to document her life through pictures and videos. A year later I finally got a camera I was dreaming of – Canon EOS 60D which just recently got replaced by  Canon EOS 5D mark IV.



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