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Jolly Vicky from Doggone Borders

You always had this little way of making the dull and dreary bright and radiant, the ordinary extraordinary, the mundane magic. To you, everything was an adventure. And in your silly, wild presence, I always felt like every moment mattered - like all of life should be cherished.

  • Beau Taplin

Date of birth: 29.05.2010

Colour: Red merle tricolour

Mother: Fairjoy from Doggone Borders

Father: Liza’s Border Ouzo Red

Breeder: Ann Eiserman, Doggone Borders, Belgium

Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Shoulders: 0/0

Knees: OK/2015

Spine: OK/2015

Eyes incl. genioscopy: OK / 2014

CEA : carrier

TNS: normal

CL: normal

MDR1: normal

IGS: normal

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Size: 51.5cm / 16.5kg

When I saw Vicky on picture, a little merle shrimp looking like she’d been dipped into at least ten different Belgian chocolates, it was, not love at first sight exactly, but familiarity, like: ‘’Oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you.‘’


It’s an old saying that the best things always happen when you’re least expecting them. I was 14 when I got her and oh well, it was way sooner than I expected it to happen. I keep thinking to myself that things that are meant to be will always fall into place. So here she was, my in- and out sugar sweet chocolate that opened my eyes in so many ways and forever changed my outlook on life.

Vicky has an enormous toy drive, she can play forever (Side note, she’s always the one stealing toys from everyone’s backpacks…)  and has great stamina in general everyday sports and other activities, meaning she can keep going for hours. No matter what it is, she will be working with the biggest smile on her face. She would work with anyone as long as they have a toy for her, but… Good luck with it as she knows how to fool you better than you can imagine! Jumping over tunnels and picking up numbers on the agility course, barking, jumping in the air… She loves playing with people who want to make her take something seriously. I could say she is a dog with a big personality and I love her for that.

Vicky is a simple girl. She is super friendly, outgoing and people oriented – she’d trip over anyone just to share some kisses. Her needs for affection is  enormous. I frequently catch her wagging her tail and grinning at  strangers. On top of that, she absolutely adores children of any age and she’s happy to push her head into their tiny laps and give some gentle kisses. Cuddles are her favourite, she shows her belly to everyone that offers a tiny bit of their attention to her. On the other hand, when focused on a job, toy or any other kind of work, you will not find her doing such things. You’ll notice if there’s a ball at your feet and a crazy pair of deep blue eyes not far away, that’s the moment you will not get her to cuddle unless you hide that toy, reaaaaaally well.

With dogs she gets along just fine. Some she ignores, some she widely avoids (I trust her on that, haha), some she loves from the very first moment. And the rest she will wag  a tail to and accept their presence. I deeply admire her mastering of communication and body language with other dogs. She is happy to keep her personal space and doesn’t like being bothered by male dogs, but never shows aggression in any kind of way. On top of that, she adoooores puppies!

She lives with three cats and cuddles with them on the sofa and herds them around the house. With her puppies she was the most wonderful and most supporting mom and  gave them just as many kisses as also lessons for the future. Corrected their behaviors,  loved tripping them over, holding them between her paws and cleaning them when they were trying to escape… And making fun of them in general. They were her favourite play buddies and the only time I see her play with other dogs and run in circles, it’s with her puppies that are now wonderful adults.

The simplicity/ease of her existence takes her anywhere with me. Whether it be holidays, meetings, work, shopping, any daily activities and even school. She fits perfectly in any place or situation and is my little chameleon. She literally falls asleep anywhere and is forever ready to just be there as my everyday companion, security blanket, my heartbeat at my feet.

Besides the general daily walks, hikes and other adventures we share with our friends, we do a lot of clicker training, some balance, strength and coordination exercises which she highly enjoys. The sport we compete in is agility, but we have also tried doing some frisbee and now regularly working on sheep which is her favourite of all. She has a good eye for sheep and obviously know more about herding than I do, so I love seeing her progress and am looking forward to what the future will bring! She passed the test for a therapy dog and just as we started working I figured my schedule doesn’t let us do as much as we should so my plan is to get back to it once I find enough time. We also do group dog dancing and both enjoy it a lot!

Other things that Vicky loves? Water! Stand up paddling and catching the waves passing by, enjoying the sun kayaking. Standing in the water for hours or enjoying the wind in her ears when driving with a boat. Jumping off the dock and catching the water drops. Remembering the good old summer days and how we never had enough of warm sunny days dept into the cold blue sea, screaming our hearts out and not giving a care. I live for the summer. And so does she. For all the adventure life may bring.

To sum it up, Vicky might be a dog with the biggest desire to explore and live life to the fullest. All she is, and will be has forever changed my life in the best way possible. For me, she is most definitely my ‘once in a lifetime’.


Sometimes home isn’t four walls and a roof, it’s two eyes and a heartbeat.

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People who know Vicky.


”Jolly Vicky is not only jolly, intelligent, brilliant and talented but she’s done what I wish every dog from my kennel can do and that is to bring out a shy girl into full limelight. I think Vicky has done this perfectly and have myself enjoyed seeing Anja grow into a young woman with enormous talent thanks to her dog Vicky who herself has grown into a fantastic therapeutic dog for all who has the pleasure and honor to meet her. The love story between Anja and Vicky is one of my greatest achievements as a breeder and I’m proud of it!”

  • Ann Eiserman, the breeder of Vicky and Doggone Borders border collies.


”Vicky is simply, Vicky. Everything you see on your computer screen through videos and photos really is a reflection of who she is. A dog ready and happy to work, loving people, a cuddle potato, a water freak, And so stable and confident in herself no matter what the situation.

One of the things that I love most about her – besides her endless love to give kisses (only time I can complain about those is when trying to sleep in the morning and your friends choose to wake you up by setting Vicky and her swarm of kisses on you.. Even then though, who am I kidding. I can’t complain.). Something that always amazes me, her will to work. How happy she is to do whatever asked, whenever. Her love to work and play is amazing. And I swear that dog could make a toy out of anything. Bubbles? Grass? A kayak paddle? Sure, why not? After all, In her eyes., life is just a wonderful adventure.

She really is very special, and Anja has really let her live up to that – giving her the most beautiful life possible. Allowing her to live it to the fullest and letting all her happiness, love and passion shine through more with each new day.”

  • Rachel Crisp