Doggone Jolly’s He’s My Night Fury

Date of birth: 26.09.2014

Colour: Black tricolour

Hips: not tested

Elbows: not tested

Shoulders: not tested

CEA : not tested

TNS: normal

CL: not tested

MDR1: not tested

IGS: normal

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Testicles: has both

Size: 54.5 cm / 21.4 kg

Fris is short of a genius when it comes to learning new things or mastering precision for the tricks he already knows, he’s a very lively full of energy dog that constantly needs a challenge to be content, but that’s what’s to be expected from a true Border Collie. When he’s had his fill of work and exercise he becomes a cuddle bear. As far as he’s concerned anyone who gives him hugs and kisses is a friend and anyone that plays with him is a best bud.

He’s grown up into a brave dog, that loves people and does not get easily intimidated, except from ducks and birds that shriek. Sometimes his bravery gets him in trouble with his owner, because he doesn’t get the concept of vertical drops or doesn’t care, so his owner grows a few gray hairs on every walk on the mountain side hiking trails.

With all the qualities he displays he’s a joy to work with and a joy to be around. Unique in his character and personality. He’s become an invaluable part of our little pack.


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