Doggone Jolly’s Hundreds of Smiles


Date of birth: 26.09.2014

Colour: Black tricolour

Hips: B/B

Elbows: 0/0

Shoulders: 0/0

CEA : not tested

TNS: normal

CL: not tested

MDR1: not tested

IGS: normal

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Size: 51cm / 14 kg

I think I should start with the things most important to me- how Nixi fits into my life and how it is to live with her on a daily basis. I can say that living with her is super easy, calm in the house, no problems at all. And very very cuddly!

She is also an amazing travel buddy (which is very important to me). Calm on trains, buses and in cars and is always good at packing herself away to make sure to not take up too much space, whether it be sleeping at my feet in the car or train, or finding a spot to lay down out of the way of anyone on a busy bus. She is happy to do it all, always a practical dog to travel with. And getting used to new environments is no problem as well.


Another important factor to me is her working ability. She is a total workaholic, very driven, explosive but at the same time easy to handle. Always focused, she knows what she’s doing and as a result is never all over the place. Nothing can distract her while working. Even if she can be sensitive under some circumstances, you would never be able to tell from just watching her work. Any kind of work, especially agility, boosts her confidence and she becomes focused and fearless. And of course, she is super duper smart.

As mentioned, Nixi has a sensitive side. Huge crowds, screaming children and other loud noises can be stressful for her, but it depends on the situation- sometimes it’s hardly noticeable. Moreover, she can be shy towards new people and dogs. And on the other hand she is totally crazy about ones she knows well, always giving tons of kisses. All that being said, most people that meet her never notice any of these traits.


 Overall, Nixi is one happy girl, enjoying every second of life, making my life better, always keeping things interesting and exciting. And of course, perfectly reflecting her name by bringing hundreds of smiles to everyone around her.


owned by

Nika Januš

Living in: Slovenia

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