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Looking at my videos always takes me back to the time they were made. And this is exactly what my goal is when I’m filming and later on working on my videos.

If a photograph can wake up so much inside of you, bring back all the emotions, thoughts, voices, moments of that day…  imagine how much a video footage can do. Videos can capture a little bit more and for those couple of minutes watching them you find yourself grinning over all the memories and once it’s over, you hopefully reminisce over the clips and shots, and relive it all over again. For me they are a secret tunnels, an escape from everyday life as they always make me feel like I’m going through all situations filmed again and make me feel nostalgic.

I’ve been making videos since I opened my YouTube channel back in 2008 and I have always felt like videos can express even more than pictures.


My YouTube channel started off with the name Friga11 (Friga was my guinea pig I took photos of every day when I started being passionate about photography, cinematography and cameras just in general and  I was 11 when I created my YouTube channel hence the number). This has changed later on and I named my tiny production JollyVicky.

Vicky has always been my biggest source of  inspiration for challenging myself, doing better and doing more.


When I got Vicky in 2010 I started documenting her life since her puppy steps, first in weekly videos and later monthly.  All that being said, I did it purely for myself and I will forever and always be melting and drooling over my keyboard watching her big personality in that tiny fluffy body of a carefree puppy, then growing into a beautiful young lady… Remembering funny noises, the touch of her soft puppy fur, her shark puppy teeth, her clumsy running, her first tricks, her first swim, her first dive in the water, her first agility training, the first frisbee caught,… And the way she grew, developed and changed.


All those precious moments, I wouldn’t change them for anything.

I filmed a couple of videos for a well known Slovenian dog school Alfakan, puppy socialization centre Puppyland, Kmetijski zavod Bric, Otroška Akademija as well as some litter plan presentations, puppy and trick videos for other breeders and dog trainers and a few videos for Canon Slovenia.


I’m always open for video requests.

For more informations you can contact me.


+386 31 202 230

You can find more of my videos on my Youtube channel or in my video porfolio.