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Just like with all the any other aspects of breeding I think the first weeks of a puppy’s life is not something to be taken lightly. I do my best to ensure my puppies have a good start in life. Preparing the best I can for whatever they may do in life.

Same as my adult dogs, puppies are brought up inside, surrounded by everyday activities and the hustle and bustle of family life. They spend their first 2 weeks in a whelping box with their mother in my room – this way I can easily supervise and be available if needed. At the age of about 2 and a half weeks they are moved to a bigger space. Beside the new environment, they are introduced lots more stimulation and to many more different surfaces, toys and situations. At the same time they start learning to use a grass pad for potty training.

By the time Hooligans left they all knew where to pee and they even cried to go outside when they had to go.

From day 3 to 16 puppies are tested/exposed with/to Early Neurological Stimulation which consists of 5 simple ‘’exercises’’ each lasting for no more than 5 seconds. To help aid them in fulfilling their natural abilities to the highest level.

The noted benefits of Early Neurological Stimulation:

  • Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate),
  • Stronger heart beats,
  • Stronger adrenal glands,
  • More tolerance to stress,
  • Greater resistance to disease

Before they leave they are exposed to different environments, noises (fireworks, traffic, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer… ), new surfaces, cats (The Hooligans were surrounded by three cats, now we slightly updated to five), nail clipping, they are used to brushes, children of any age,… Besides different toys, and materials they always have a crate inside their pen where they like to sleep to transferring it into a safe place to sleep in the car isn’t so difficult. They’re also used to car rides – when taken to the vet or different places for socialization. My goal is to make them meet at least 100 people of different age before they leave to their new homes. Besides cats they will always meet horses and some other animals.


To me breeding is a privilege. To be blessed with such wonderful dogs and puppies is something I am so thankful for. Of course no one is perfect, and having only had one litter at this point I know I’m far from it but I will forever and always I strive to do everything in my power to make sure to set my puppies up with the best start in life I can give.