Doggone Jolly’s Heaven’s Devil

Date of birth: 26.09.2014

Colour: Black tricolour

Hips: A/A

Elbows: 0/0

Shoulders: not tested

CEA : not tested

TNS: normal

CL: not tested

MDR1: not tested

IGS: normal

Teeth: all in

Bite: scissor

Testicles: has both

Size: 57 cm / 20 kg

Active in: SAR

To start, Bazuk is a dog that fits perfectly in our family life as well as works with full drive whenever and whatever he’s asked for.

When at home with his family, he’s calm yet attentive and any moment ready for action. He absolutely adores all family members (people and animals) and is incredibly sweet, gentle and dedicated. What always surprises me is his ability to feel the mood people are in and react on their emotions…

Bazuk is incredibly intelligent and learns very quickly. He’s a dog that clearly shows his mood, feelings and emotions and his body language is very clear.

Bazuk is a  dog with a very good sense for working. We do SAR (Search and rescue) and he’s excellent at it. Working concentrated and fully focused, he listens super well and works independently. The only weakness for now is the fact that he’s sensitive to sudden weird noises. He closes a little at that time but never to the point where he’d stop working. We’re working on it and he’s already doing way better. When working he’s persistent and he doesn’t stop until he finishes the task he’s given. He never runs out of motivation.

With strangers he’s relaxed and greets them with enthusiasm but never goes up to them and bothers them on walks. He greets whoever asks for his attention, otherwise he calmly ignores them and walks past. He’s a little held back with little children because he doesn’t like them screaming and attacking him with hugs, however he adores children with nice approach. It’s the same with dogs – he’s got no problems with dogs of both genders and nicely greets them all as long as they don’t jump on him and respect his personal space. However, even if that happens he remains calm and tries to avoid the situation without showing signs of aggression. He appreciates nice approach and loves everyone if done so. He never fights over his toys but shares them with everyone. If a dog steals a ball from him, he looks at him shocked but never fights over it.

He showed good instinct when working on sheep. This same instinct isn’t shown in everyday life as he’s got a super self control. We often visit different places and he’s always relaxed and excited may it be family trip, city walk or a training on unknown abandoned rubble, he finds himself in any place and is happy to be anywhere as long as we’re together.


So far he’s only been developing and growing into a better and better dog. More and more stable, independent and less sensitive. We’ve only been going up so far.

Bazuk is an incredible family and working dog that is able to change souls and characters of people if they’re willing to listen.


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Living in: Slovenia