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up above

Foggy streets and heavy air through streets of Ljubljana, turned into a sunny Saturday high above the clouds. Snow was reflecting the shinning rays and bothered our eyes, but nothing that day shined as intense as their eyes. Reflecting happiness. I wrote this post for a couple of

come say hello

You are always healing, so don't wait to start living.   • Slowly. Surely. Patiently. And writing makes it easier. Fall makes us fall in love with a numerous of things. And beings. And memories, and smiles, and laughs. Think back on when you were genually the happiest person on

the cool kids

It's been three years. Having a Vicky litter was a dream. The things I see in her, not a lot people can, but her big personality and generally her presence is my everday addiction. She made sense in a lot of things I was dealing with

Q & A

I've let you ask us some questions a week ago! Here's all my answer to all of your curiosity! What training methods do you use for both tricks and obedience? Clicker training, positive reinforcement, lots of treats and playing. Where you stand using what training tools (e.g. E-collars,


The only thing that ever stays the same is change. ∴ Now we need to grow. we lost our way so long ago. Hold on to hope, and never let it go, this is our time, it’s our time to grow. Middle of September is not just


Spend time with people who make you see the world differently. I've always felt like stubborn was just another word people liked to use but never experienced it. Then all of a sudden one of my closest people is the most self wiled person on Earth

shapeshifter of happiness

After you, I understand addiction. Whatever happened in the past 7 years, started off because of her. She put the fire in whatever I succeed in after. Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes the choices make you. 7 years of pure joy, self growth, and

do you

We only live once. And we don't act like it. • I started this blog post because I have no clear idea where I am heading in life and I'm finally starting to be okay with it. 2017 started off being crazy. And not even necessarily in a

choose who you’re part of

You show me your friends, I'll show you your future. You are who you surround yourself with, right? It's who you are. You are the energy you're surrounded with.      I've had that vision months ago, that the average radius of your vibe is a size

unpack your heart

bring your secrets, bring your scars bring your glory, all you are bring your daylight, bring your dark share your silence and unpack your heart From sunrise to sunset, from the endless ocean in Italy to mysterious mountain tops of Slovenia. Wild hearts and happy souls,

the good in life is free

Walk as if you're kissing the Earth with your feet.   Honestly, life is sunshine after rain and rain after sunshine. Lots of downs and a little less of ups lately, but life is what you make it and what you learn to see.  So here's a

island of eternal spring

Between the sky and the ocean and looking through clouds down on the endless ocean made me realise we are so small. And right up there I thought of everything that's been worrying me lately and all od those insecurities and doubts felt so far