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the cool kids

It’s been three years.

Having a Vicky litter was a dream. The things I see in her, not a lot people can, but her big personality and generally her presence is my everday addiction. She made sense in a lot of things I was dealing with in the past and helped me through a lot.  I often remember the day her Hooligans were born, and they were absolutely the most gorgeous creatures, so soft, so fragile, so… Vicky’s. It broke my heart and it broke of too much love and appreciation it was supposed to hold. It was too much, too much at once. But it made space for all of it, and even more.

It’s the little things that make you love someone big.


This is Vicky and Bazooka’s 7.
They look, behave and work in a perfect mix of both of their parents. I should take time to throw out a couple of words about them, just to let you know (if by chance is not like SUPER obvious yet), I am VERY proud of them. All seven are the blend of Vicky’s stable personality and love for the world and all people it holds, and on the other side the intensity, drive and the working abilities of the male. To me they are all that I love and admire about this breed.

Taabu was born and raised as a princess and this hasn’t changed ever since. I can mention she does some Rally Obedience, Agility and Herding, but I feel like the very point of her life is the everyday adventure of all the different places, hikes, river streams and life enriching moments of all kinds.


Nixi is still a little firefox. She’s neverending smiles and love for the world, just as well as incredible power in whatever sports she gets up to with her owner. Just like Taabu, Nixi enjoyes the adventurous life full of travels, but I am also hoping to see more of her at the agility field some day!


Fris stayed a clown. A happy happy happy clown, that always greets me with a happy cry and weird voices. The goofy, but serious when it comes to real work. He is competing in Rally Obedience (Done exams for RO I and RO II), but also runs some Agility and has showed some great potential in sheep herding, too!


Ghimli is a happy tail wag. His thing is to put front paws around anyone’s neck to cuddle and kiss to death. He showed some great potential in sheep herding and has just recently started with Agility and I am super excited to see more of him on Agility field!


Iso is all of Vicky in her personality and more. She is super adorable and gentle with children and loves people. The energetic IsoStar, who happens to be the only puppy that lives abroad, is working on sheep and progressing in Dog Frisbee!


Jupi is pure energy. Already as a puppy he’s been showing amazing drive that he later on turned into his big love – SAR. RH-FL-A and RH T-A exams are just the beginning, as I am sure he’s got a long way of success to go!


Bazuk is momma’s boy. Cuddle bear, sugar sweet and absolutely the love of his family. He lives in one of the most beautiful places in Slovenia surrounded by mountain peaks and gorgeous view points. He is busy in SAR (Search and Rescue) and just recently made his first exam, RH-FL-A!


I’ve opened a  Q&A last weekend and I’m not even kidding but every second question was; Will you continue breeding? or Will Vicky have another litter?

I want to say yes. And I want to say yes, for so many reasons.

I still believe there is a right time for everything,
even us.




  • Leona Borovčak

    18/10/2017at18:37 Reply

    They’re so cute! All of them! Already 3 years old?? To me it’s still 1

  • adelsmet

    18/10/2017at21:11 Reply

    Love them so so so much. They’re stars, all of them. I’m following most of them on a social media and I can’t believe that is 3 years now! I remember your first post about them – in love in the monent.

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