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come say hello

You are always healing, so don’t wait to start living.


Slowly. Surely. Patiently.

And writing makes it easier.
Fall makes us fall in love with a numerous of things. And beings. And memories, and smiles, and laughs. Think back on when you were genually the happiest person on earth. How far back was it? Not a single burst of worry, not a tiny bit of trouble. Just happiness, pure glee.  Overthinking. When was it? I’d shoot it, summer of 2016. It’s been a while. Long while, too long.

And it’s okay.
I can keep whispering to myself, 2017 is just not my year.
And it’s okay.
I can keep blaming myself for all the wrongs and not enough of rights.
And it’s okay.

I can.
I can.
I can.

But it won’t ever make it any easier.

Shake it off.

Make a change.
Make it different.
Radically different.

Close doors.
Don’t open new ones.
Build them.
Now open.

I feel like in most cases of struggle, we ain’t capable of solving it ourselves. And I like to think it’s because we never were meant to.
We’re human. And all the emotions and all the fears and all the words we’re afraid to say, and all the throughts circling in our heads, they don’t make a change, if kept in our heads, in our hearts.


To the right people.
Find souls pulling you stronger than anything in the world.
Notice them.
Feel them.
Trust them.
Love them.




Let it out.

Listen. Don’t overthink.
to them,
to your heart whispering.

But what if your heart cannot decide?


Come say hello, my arms are open wide
Come say hello you’re always welcome anytime,
come say hello.

So take your your question marks and second thoughts and kiss them all goodbye.
Come say hello.

Perhaps we are most courageous
when we let go.

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