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choose who you’re part of

You show me your friends,

I’ll show you your future.

You are who you surround yourself with, right? It’s who you are. You are the energy you’re surrounded with.


I’ve had that vision months ago, that the average radius of your vibe is a size of a football stadium. Your kindness is contagious. Your happiness is, too. It’s clear to me that I become more productive and dream more and plan more when I’m in company of people who push themselves, strive to be better and do better. You are bits of everyone you have ever hung out with. Doesn’t matter if you still do, you’ve got those pieces and they make up YOU.

In religion, we call it spirits. In science, we call it energy. In the streets, we call it vibes. All I’m saying is; trust it.


I’ve recently released my summer video. (Late, I know. I’m never good with making my own videos on time…) Not perfect, not well edited, but all the memories and emotions it brings back for me are beyond words. The best thing about roadtrips might just actually be… finding yourself and realizing what and who actually matters in life. Losing your mind and finding yourself.

Whenever I talk about our roadtrips, travels or hang outs of all kinds, it never exactly sounds like I want it to. I struggle finding words and I struggle explaining. 3 weeks on the road is one hell of a lot. Three weeks of constant laughter, private jokes, quick decisions… The brags about adulting, you know; dayum, we booked a camping, we bought food, we cooked, we drove thousands of kilometers, we figured out everything we had to for a proper travel. We camped, we made fire, we found each and every location needed, we spoke to people when we got lost, we pushed ourselves to drive at night to avoid the busy traffic jams. And not even the commonly used phrase, ”living life to the fullest, quite sums it up. It’s something else and the only way to get to know the feeling, is to experience it. This kind of collaboration of souls and minds that think and feel alike, is something you should be seeking.


And then I never mentioned dogs. My dog is my lifestyle. She’s there, always. Like the other 2, 3, 4, 8, 15 of others. They’re leading their own kind of adventurous life.

You get home. You’ve changed. You’ve grown. Mainly grown out of control and common sense. And this is the point of life when I look back and see how far I’ve come. Not with the work I do staying up late at night working my ass out, photos, videos, all the tiny little projects, or school. But self growth. You look back and realize those people made you up, each and everyone of them taught you something you don’t know. When you love someone, everything they love becomes a part of you, too. You are here to choose who you’re part of and who will forever be a part of you.

You might as well choose wisely.


This was just a random post in the middle of my crazy busy life. Just to tell you, once again, how appreciated you all are.
It all comes down to the simple fact; I love who I am when I’m with you.




you can’t do epic shit with basic people!

  • Anja

    11/04/2017at12:46 Reply

    It is so great to read your blog. The enrgy is so positive.

  • Ajna Tucak

    11/04/2017at14:46 Reply

    Your energy and love for life is beyond everything I’ve ever incountered.So much happiness and positivity and constantly thriving to do better.We’ve never met but I’m here to say thanks and to say you are appreciated ❤

  • Seline Richardsen

    12/04/2017at09:24 Reply

    This is so powerful! Great writing as always❤️

  • Clara

    30/05/2017at19:18 Reply

    Amazing words. It want to live more adventures now!

  • Sophia Köhler

    02/11/2017at23:15 Reply

    reading about your adventures is kind of ”coming home”! Just to know there are amazing ”young dog people” outthere living life to the fullest makes my day. People who are sharing the same passion! We need to have more people living like that :D
    Why are you living so far away´?! :D
    To follow your trips, see and even feel the positve vibe is catching. You just need to smile :D Always feels like a start of something great!

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