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up above

Foggy streets and heavy air through streets of Ljubljana, turned into a sunny Saturday high above the clouds. Snow was reflecting the shinning rays and bothered our eyes, but nothing that day shined as intense as their eyes.
Reflecting happiness.

I wrote this post for a couple of reasons but main would be the fact these dogs and people are way too much joy not to. We used to hang out more and this was one long awaited hike, which I hope we repeat fairly soon.

However, another of reasons is that for the last couple of years Vicky and I are proud ambassadors of Ruffwear UK, and this is another one of our thank you’s. They support our lifestyle in so many ways and are generally one entirely incredible crew. So happy to be a part of the family.

Not to waste your time, let the photographs write a blog without me for once.







Head in the clouds, finishing December in a way of go big or go home.

  • Eliška Pomikálková

    04/12/2017at20:30 Reply

    Anja, how i love Your website!! Every day iam excited for new, my big idol stay amazing as You are❤️

  • Naty Poláchová

    04/12/2017at20:45 Reply

    Amazing photos…

  • Karina McGrath

    12/12/2017at15:39 Reply

    wow beautiful photos and you always have inspirational words in your diary’s of your amazing adventures, anyway its Karina BTW and i was thinking of sending you a Christmas card ASAP but i cant find your address and postal code, would you be able to message me on Instagram with it @joyfulljakey or on Facebook whichever you choose! :)
    . actually i will message you on FB!!
    back to your website i rate it 10/10 stars! its soooooooooooooo inspirational as i said before, cant Waite to see your next blog

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