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5 weeks of Happiness

Can you guys stop growing for a second, please!? I feel like it was only yesterday that they were born.   ↠ They are slightly over 5 weeks old, got their own playroom, met the outside world, tasted the real raw food, met other dogs and lots of people.

big hearts tiny paws

First couple of days absolutely went smoothly. Vicky's stitches started to itch on the 3rd day and even walking a few meters to go pee was kind of difficult. Her back legs were marching as if she was about pass super high cavalettis, trying to

The Vikings

You don't know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have, ehh? Not all things always go to plans, it's always just another jump into the unknown. I decided to write  a puppy diary as often as possible so everybody can

they are coming

I feel like every day lasts forever and we are inpatiently waiting for the little Vikings.  I am impressed by the number of people starting to follow our litter. They will be special pups indeed. Vicky is doing good. I figured soon enough hot weather doesn't do

flying high

1. In a successful or important position; doing very well. 2. In a state of euphoric happiness, excitement, or enthusiasm. • I haven't been much active on our blog and I promise this will change in the future, just no idea if near one. I feel like now

as long as i’ve got you

...and the world. One day you wake up and plan on going for that spectacular trip to that extraordinary location, with those ultra special friends you can't thank enough for and dogs that radiate the love for life, possibly to check another crazy thing off your

prijatelji živali

V preteklih nekaj mesecih sva z Vicky imeli pomembno nalogo, in sicer sodelovanje pri projektu Prijatelji živali. Projekt je predstavil Hofer Slovenija, preko njega pa so že v preteklosti na različne načine pomagali živalim. Več o projektu: Prijatelji živali Hofer ima tudi svoje tako imenovane Ambasadorčke. Prav

sense of purpose

∴ What if we could take a taste of the maybe, beyond what's been known and been named? 2018 brought back the drive and the energy but especially my common mindset. It hit me like the reset button and even though saying it's a new year doesn't


#weeklyjollies no.3 Mountain peaks, night walkies, college life and so much more. Vicky and I have decided to try out another thing - nose work! She is absolutely talented and we will be working on it with the excitement that reaches beyond any words!   Life's still wild


2nd week of #weeklyjollies! A lot has happened and I admit there's one day in between I didn't take a photo again (Yes, AGAIN!), besides, my less-than-a-month-old keyboard died on a couple of parts meaning that I google punctuations, copy and paste them when writing this


Introducing #weeklyjollies! Some time ago I've thrown out a question WHAT is the thing you want to see more on our social media. There was quite a couple of different answers, but main were: more of our YouTube videos (more about that next time) and more

leap before you look

Time will give and time will take. I've been reading my 'thank you 2016' post. To say a lot has changed would be understatement. Everything has. If 2016 was a year of finding who I was and what I want to do, 2017 was a continuous