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as long as i’ve got you

…and the world.

One day you wake up and plan on going for that spectacular trip to that extraordinary location, with those ultra special friends you can’t thank enough for and dogs that radiate the love for life, possibly to check another crazy thing off your bucket list, you wish to make that super awesome picture that will hang as a print on your wall to look at every night you got to sleep being thakful for the pair of lunghs and a beating heart, or pop up on your social media and go together with a fantastic story that will express all the happy things life has to offer, and possibly write another blog to encourage people to go out and see the beauty of pure nature and endless desire for freedom we love and share with our four legged companions, maybe filming another video for Youtube channel that sits there waiting for any drop of life, doing all that trying to build a career so maybe one day you can get that super job and have a life the way you’ve always dreamt of.

And the next day you just wake up wishing, you wished for less.

I never mentioned it, not as far as I can remember. I wish for health. Mental health, physical health. Inner peace, self healing. I wish for a dash of pixie dust when it comes to something you can’t change. I lost counting how many times I wished I could turn back time and do things differently, so non of the bad things would ever have happened. How many times I pinched myself hoping it was just a bad dream. And how many times I tried calming down when I overthought myself into waterfalls of tears and panicking heavy breathing.

Life doesn’t stop for anyone though.

Time will give and time will take.

Accept, adapt.

Vicky got injured a couple of weeks ago. Surgery I deleted from list of options the very first second as the thought and point of it scares me furthest down the line. Success rate is not worth the recovery time. So letting the nature do its thing was the number one and only option. In a couple of days I could probably write a big, fat book on particular injury as every free second I had went for learning and researching more about it. As lights in the end of the tunnel, friends; closest and the ones I barely stumble upon, showed up and helped whichever way they knew or could – and there’s no words, or blog lines in this universe to express how thankful I am for each and any. Standing together is a beautiful thought, pure magic and makes miracles happen. You always get when you give, they say. Give, give, give more. Life always repays. One day we will, too.

Basically Vicky has an injury to the flexor tendon (in her toe). Which one of the two (superficial or deep) or how much is not particularly known. She stopped limping after a couple of days, but I am keeping her on the leash with no fast movements for the moment; encouraging it to heal. Flat toe as they seem to call it, bothers me more than it bothers her, obviously. Apparently it sometimes can strengthen a little and sometimes not, but as stubborn and decisive we are, we are leaving it no choice – it HAS to heal properly and well. Of course we are not only watching it do its job! At this point I would like to thank again to some of the greatest people and healers I know. For all the help and therapies. For listening to my rambles, for standing my tears, for being my shoulder to lean on.

Vicky and I love you all.

Its crossed our path unpredictably and turned our life upside down. It’s time to saddle back up. There’s adventures waiting.

When the stars collide
and the earth’s on fire
as we reach the end of all that we know
we’ll be alright runnin’ through the night
we’re stronger the farther we go
as long as I’ve got you.

Never take anything for granted.
Not the breaths you take, not the rhythm of your heartbeat, not the feet that take you places, not the mind that wanders endlessly.

We’re stronger the farther we go,
as long as I got you.

  • Emilia Siłuszyk

    08/03/2018at15:43 Reply

    Beautiful as always, Anja. I really like read your posts. They give me calm and a lot of positive vibes. Me, Yoshi and Omega are sending kisses to You and Vicky ♡

  • Jonina

    09/03/2018at19:58 Reply


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