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do life big

It’s been 7 weeks since the Vikings were born and all I have ever wanted them to grow up to be was healthy and daring. They for sure will be naughty, they for sure will grow through all the possible stages of puppyhood, teenage months and all kind of situations while learning what adulthood is. But through it all, I just wished they would dare. Dare to seize for something bigger, better, dare to be braver and dare to let the curiosity lead the way.



Through all the years of owning a dog it made me realize one thing; the more I encouraged her in the crazy things she did, the more she believed in herself and the more daring she started to become in all aspects of life. She dared to jump cliffs, she dared to swim dark water caves, climb the highest of peaks on the edge of the mountains and take over the world overall. And WHY? Because I thought she was awesome and encouraged her in whatever she did rather than telling her what to do at first place. There is one thing I knew when Vicky was a puppy and it’s one of the first things her breeder told me about her; She believed that everything she did was right. Believing in her actions eather wrong or right in fact. She stayed like it till this day; she knows what she wants and she sure knows how to get it. And in general, she just thinks I’m wrong if I correct her. Let me make sure once again, I love this dog to bits and think she’s like no other.

Her puppies, however, are a big part of her. Situations I made them go through in the last couple of weeks were for sure challenging but yet they leave me impressed. Every day I take them for a ride in the car, we went for daily trips, they swam, stood on SUP (fell from it too but this is how they learn), visited a local radio station, been good at the cafe, been good at the restaurant (next to the airport, so pretty loud!!), too. Slept full nights in separate crates, played like animals, met all different kinds of dogs and people of different age.

Puppies are sponges. They soak in the experience, the knowledge and life generally. All you gotta do is give them a chance and let them figure it out as soon as possible. This is the way I see it.

A couple of people went ahead asking why crates and why separate. I feel like once my puppies will fly into new homes, it’s gonna be enough stressful for them anyway. So if I can teach them sleeping on their own before already and make the transformation easier for them, why not? Besides, it’s the way to teach them at night the only thing left to do is sleep. They are not together so they don’t play. Each crate has a bully stick or dry green tripe in it which they absolutely adore and can get busy with it. However, 4th night in separate crates I carried them in and went to bed. Not a sound. I woke them up in the morning and carried them out to pee. Also, no more crying when they want to go out of crates; only sitting and quietly, patiently waiting. God I love those smarties.



Daddy Fly has been visiting, too, and just every time I see him I know I’ve made the best choice there is. The way he was with the puppies, the way he handles stressful situations, other dogs, people, children even…  Just makes me think; what a cool dog. He is an amazing sports dogs (oh and he did rock at herding the other day, too!) but just him, just as a dog… Perfection.



Heading into our last week together.

  • Seline Richardsen

    02/08/2018at18:08 Reply

    Amazing job you are doing with the pups anja! You should be an inspiration to many breeders out there <3

  • Jonina

    20/08/2018at10:23 Reply


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