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First couple of days absolutely went smoothly. Vicky’s stitches started to itch on the 3rd day and even walking a few meters to go pee was kind of difficult. Her back legs were marching as if she was about pass super high cavalettis, trying to scratch her belly. The next morning I was again prepared we won’t go far, but let her lead the way anyway. And she went off! Pulling on the leash (This just doesn’t happen with Vicky, not ever….), wagging her tail and really wanting to go her normal walk. We did turn back sooner than she preferred as I thought the change this big in one day is simply impossible. 5th day we already did our normal morning routine of 20min walk; slowly but surely accompanied with a squeaky ball in her mouth – of course. Same way the following days.



The puppies however are getting bigger and stronger, gaining weight well. Vicky finally goes out of her whelping box herself to sleep in her bed or cold floor. We started with Early Neurological Stimulation, too. On day 6 I could already see some of the pups trying to run across the whelping box attempting to reach Vicky instead of crawling which for now always ends up in a super cute roll overs; their legs are clearly not strong enough to hold their fat bodies just yet! Not gonna go ahead with how quickly this will change! Time is passing way too fast and it seems like they’re growing before my eyes.


On day 7 they had their nails trimmed for the very first time. All went without problems! The coat lenghts  are starting to show in exact ways I thought they would end up in the very first days, so now I am even more curious if I am correct with my observations or not.

Today on day 8 they had another photoshooting and now they’re done with photos until they open their eyes.

When I was getting Vicky (more or less 8 years ago) I saw that picture of a tiny red merle pup looking as if dipped into chocolate and knew I needed her. Not knowing anything about the parents, or health tests or lines in general. I saw her and knew she was about to change me. I had the fourth choice for a girl, out of four girls. And I got her as the last one left. I believe some dogs are meant to be.

8 years after here I am choosing another one to share our life with with a choice a bit more difficult. Raising your own litter knowing they are all little Vickys makes it a whole lot harder. There will never be another Vicky and that makes my choice a bit of easier however. I will choose with my mind open but allow my heart to whisper just like eight years ago. Excited to know who will walk into our life and change it once again.

At the same time remembering the last days of pregnancy and how I wished there was enough of healthy pups for some beyond amazing families waiting. It’s been a long, long while since I started making plans about this litter and all together we have been through everything you could possibly think of. Thank you for sticking around since I remember. Certainly we deserve those pups and without any doubt they’re infinitly welcome and uncomparably loved. Thank you, life.

8 days of ‘i love you’s and if only you knew how many more there’s still out there waiting for you.



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