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The Vikings

You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have, ehh?

Not all things always go to plans, it’s always just another jump into the unknown. I decided to write  a puppy diary as often as possible so everybody can follow them grow as much as possible.

The Vikings were born on Wednesday, 13.06.2018 with a C-section. No matter how much Vicky tried, the first pup looked like obviously too big (440g). As we looked at them on the ultrasound the big boy trying so hard to help mommy push him out was clearly tired and slower in his heartbeat, while the rest was still going strong. We decided to rather save them all and anyone who has ever experienced a Caesarian section on his dog or just been there knows it is followed by lots of tears, emotions and frustration. I am thankful for friends that stood there with us through lots of desperate tears followed by some tears of joy once we heard the little cries of 5 gorgeous, big, healthy and strong puppies. A friend once said to me; A friend in need is a friend indeed; and I 100% swear by it. THANK YOU.

Basket of joy, happiness, adventure, stories and fairytales, ocean breeze, summer nights, cold river swims, bonfire camps, snowy mountain peaks, come byes and aways, tunnels, weaves, cik and caps, but mainly cuddles, smiles and so much love. She has passed it on to them and surely one day they will seek adventures as much as she does. She has given them so much, and they are so much of her. I promise you, little Vikings, there is no one like your mommy.

Before introducing you the puppies, let me make sure you know Vicky is doing good; to me her wellbeing is beyond anyone else’s and having a good momma dog that looks at puppies like diamonds the very first second she wakes up from anaesthesia is every breeder’s dream. She handled everything so surprisingly easy even though myself I wasn’t much of a emotional support or rather not at all. She stayed calm and brave through it all, while me… Not as much. I keep repeating it but how she handles everything life throws at her is beyond words.

Since she is not allowed to have painkillers as she would pass them on to her puppies, I’m trying to help her out with TENS (Electro Stimulator Device) to ease the pain 3 times daily (Thanks for advice, Dogs4Motion) as well as give her CBD oil. Second day since the C Section she already stood in front of the yard door, made a walk to just around the corner at the end of our street then thought she had enough and turned back home. I do exactly what she tells me and what she is comfortable doing. Always listen to your dogs they know best. We also make sure she gets enough of cuddles and tummy strokes since the stitches started getting itchy.

Vicky eats about 4 to 5 times a day and overall I would say from 2 to 2.5kg kilos of raw, which happens to fall just through her, haha! She would already eat up to 2kg daily when she was pregnant, of course in smaller amounts a couple of time per day. By the advice of a wonderful friend I cooked some chicken soup for her before she had the puppies as it was the only thing she actually ate last days and then the day after the puppies. Worked wonders for her. Since her milk production due to C Section didn’t start as quick as it should or normally would, she was a bit shorter on milk and is just now starting to get more. However I offered her some natural goat milk as well as sheep yoghurt mixed with some egg yolk which she loved just as well, even though it’s not normally on her menu.


Without further ado, meet the VIKINGS!


Vow to Wow 
is a red merle tri male with a half brown face and looking absolutely special. He was one of the first two that started drinking the very first second they were reunited with mommy completely on his own. The pedigree name was chosen based on his looks as everybody thought he was something unique; besides that we are positive he will WOW everyone with anything he gets up to in the future, just like his daddy Fly who explodes on agility course!

Vivifying Chaos is a red tri (mottled) girl looking a lot like daddy Fly. She is super dark in colour and darker brown than her other solid sister. This crazy girl was the second puppy out of the two that started drinking instantly when reunited with her mommy. Vivifying is to give or bring life to; to make more lively, intense, or striking; enliven. Bringing light to the chaos, like ying and yang, striving for balance in life. She will be the perfect chaos to lighten up her owners’s life. At the same time she loves to cuddle and falls asleep in your hands or around Vicky’s neck – it’s her favourite spot.

Vision of Paradise is a red merle tri girl born with what I call a little bully nose! She indeed is all chubby but looking closely she has a Vicky’s funny shaped muzzle that points out like a carrot and is slightly bended downside. I can imagine it’s hard to picture it right now, I will show you another time! Why her pedigree name? Vicky to me has always been some kind of a Paradise that follows me absolutely anywhere and everywhere we go she feels like home; and home has a heartbeat indeed. This little girl is the only merle, same colour as Vicky – vision, the idea, perception, a mental image of Paradise; an ideal or idyllic place or state.

Very Extraordinary is a red merle male that was born the biggest – 440g! He is the chill one, the cuddly one that doesn’t quite bother with the word around him as long as he is full and gets to cuddle with his mommy. As for the pedigree name –  V is very, very extraordinary, and if that as song lyrics sound any familiar to you, you know why. (Nat King Cole – L.O.V.E). Which matches with the litter that starts with V and Vicky who is generally called V(i) a lot. Indeed she is extraordinary as well as her puppy(ies).

Victory Kisses is a red girl, that is less darker in colour than her solid sister, with more white on her face and a white release dove shaped on her neck. (A release dove, also called white pigeon; they are often used to commemorate important milestones of life.) She is the one that always sleeps on her mommy’s tail and the one that keeps getting lost somewhere in her fur and then cries to get back. Also this pedigree name is very meaningful to me. Vicky comes from name Victoria which comes from the word Victory and for me she just wins anything she gets up to in life. But most of all she wins people and it’s very often with her kisses – she loves giving kisses. So here’s her little girl, coming to win everyone’s heart with kisses and just the way she is. After all, kisses are a taste of emotion.


That’s it for now. The Vikings are 2 days old and we have a loooong journey ahead. They will be weaned on raw and raised with Puppy Culture, loved beyond compare and hopefully grow into wonderful adults. Stay tuned for more blogs to follow and hopefully some videos to breathe some life back into our YouTube accounts. Also, there’s some cute puppy stories on my Instagram account daily! – No pressure though! ( http://www.instagram.com/anjatroha )





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