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flying high

1. In a successful or important position; doing very well.
2. In a state of euphoric happiness, excitement, or enthusiasm.

I haven’t been much active on our blog and I promise this will change in the future, just no idea if near one. I feel like now I finally have something to say and share with you guys.

My best friend and I traveled to Interzoo the other day and if you’re a bit of a traveller you know longest of drives bring out the greatest of conversations. So she said;  with realizing how vulnerable can someone make you feel, you also come to realize just how much you adore them in all of their existance. I feel Vicky; she is making me crazy weak. When she was injured in February I felt like my little planet of existance is just not part of this universe anymore. I felt like floating in spaces of nothingness, empty, empty, empty. The rest of my life went 100% well but ayyy, she wasn’t, so… Nothing was. Some things open your eyes for bigger things in life, but perhaps I’d trade anything for a little change that day and things would stay super duper. I guess life doesn’t always work this way. The ridiculous amount of ups and downs is making you way stronger and if anything, I felt the accident in February opened some new friendship, some new ways of why and how and new ways to pull out of the darkest of times. Kind of. Easier said than done; giving it time and its power to heal the most painful of wounds. As about her, she is living in the moment. Happy, painless and bouncing around.

I’ll just start off by saying, this is a big thing for me if not the biggest.
Anyone who knows me can tell I am 100% sold to Vicky and there isn’t or ever will be a dog like her for me and there is nothing even slightly close to how much she completes my life.

I purposely used a word bouncing around just before, which doesn’t only say she’s a happy dog but mainly, she is getting rounder and rounder each day. She currently gained 2kg and I bet you it’s all happiness. She’s carrying a couple of strong, life loving, adventure seeking hearts to touch a couple, or a million lives, just like their mommy did.

If the world is too big to stay at one place and happiness multiplies when shared, then let’s share the world.

I need to point out that on the way up to here lots of things have happened. Right or wrong, they showed me all the way up to here. All of a sudden everything made a perfect sense. These puppies were without a doubt meant to be.

In April Vicky and I flew to Canada to finally meet FLY.
My choice this time is a tiny bit different (Hence the smooth coat!) but it feels 100% right. Having the opportunity to spend a week and a half with Fly made me realize a couple of things about him; there’s some that him and Vicky have in common, but the main is – they are life changers and absolutely loved beyond compare. Fly is a dog you fall in love with instantly; loves attention and crawls into your lap for cuddles. I mean it when I say it was love at first sight (For Vicky too, obviously). He is a high drive dog that explodes on the agility field and on the other side a dog that cuddles with you on the sofa on a lazy day (He loved Netflix and TED Talks with me haha). He might be mainly known for his agility runs, but he got me with his personality and just how simple life is with him.

I loved our time in Canada and am beyond thankful for having this opportunity – sometimes you even meet people that make you a better person and that surely was a time for that, too.

Yesterday I’ve once again seen the little crocodiles on the ultrasound – their tiny heads, tiny paws and those sugar sweet puppy crawls and the little feet swimming in their happy bubbles. Our little puppies. They felt so real and for the first time this enormous cloud above my head disappeared and I finally was able to share them with the world. Everything was worth it.

Perhaps sometimes you just gotta Fly High, eh?

Jolly Vicky from Doggone Borders x Icepeak Ray’s Fly High
June 2018


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