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what drives you?


Every once in a while I stumble upon my YouTube channel, scroll through puppy videos of Vicky, laugh, cry, giggle and find myself squealing over how adorable she was. Then I open my summer videos, one by one and soak in the emotions that followed me when filming and later on editing. I feel like through all of my work, these ones resemble me the most and are put together with the realest of emotions one can imagine. Pure. This is the life my dogs know and the life I will never stop giving to them. The reason I ever started creating videos was for me to look back at and live through the memories once again when I can’t have adventures beneath my feet, lungs full of laughter and eyes full of wanders. Lately more or less they are my motivation and the reminder of what I want; where is the actual place I feel I belong, I feel home I am thankful for friends I can call family to share the craziest ideas with and I hope we never stop living life to the full potential, sharing moments, days, months, summers, adventures and times of our lives. Second after second, clip after clip, video after video Vicky grew through my channel and through all the valleys, streams, mountain peaks, oceans and roads to the unknown, I slowly started to realise where I wanted my life to go.


The life I picture myself living is what others think insane and rather impossible. I get that. It’s hard to understand if you never wanted something bad enough you’d do anything for it. And I feel sometimes, just sometimes, people lack the drive, the passion, this intense power that drives you towards something big, perhaps bigger than life. You should radiate passion. You should ray out the love for life. Basically drop everything that doesn’t lead you towards your dreams and listen to yourself more. How about not settling for the ordinary or stepping out of the line? Scary? Bizarre? Taboo? Surreal? You can’t know if you’ve never tried yourself.

The other day on the road my friend said, I wish everyone just once in their life experienced what it feels like to live life to the fullest.
I wish people once in their life felt what passion feels like, because life would turn differently for them.
It feels SO DAMN GOOD. It pushes you over the edge and makes you spread your wings wider into life.
You should focus on it sometime.

I am 22 and if you are reading this thinking how differently I will look at this life once I get over this ”phase” and my priorities and values change… If only you imagined how bad I want it. Will I make it? Who knows, I’ll tell you in a couple of years, or decades, that’s certain. But the idea of settling is so horrying to me, I’d push myself through anything to keep going different ways.

What drives me?
You only have ONE life. You get to experience it once only and never again. Every moment that goes by, that was your life. If that moment you’ve been doing something you don’t want, never wanted, rather hated, maybe, perhaps, very likely, or for sure; you just wasted it.

Isn’t that motivating enough?




What drives you?



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