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Forever in a day

Life’s been crazy lately so this will be my first post about how we are doing. Tuvalu is slightly over 3.5 months old and she is so simple, so ideal, so fitting into our hearts, laps and life. If before I could never imagine having two dogs, I can definitely know now there’s always been enough love to share among the two. Tuvalu hit the road with us when she turned 9 weeks and nothing along the way made it difficult with her. She is by far the easiest puppy I have ever met (besides Vicky as a pup who pretty much slept 24/7), raised through adventure of everyday life. She is certain everybody that surrounds her daily is one big family and I am thankful for friends (and their dogs) that are patient with her, encourage her and help her learn. When I got Vicky in 2010 I had plans to do agility, frisbee, herding, lots of clicker training so she will know numerous of fun tricks. She does all that; not on daily basis perhaps, but she loves and enjoys all of it. Tuvalu aged 14 weeks, however, knows a high five and I am the proudest dog momma alive and think she is the smartest puppy on the planet. Funny how things change, eh!?

So, just a short info about the puppy!
She has lots of nicknames already, but she is mainly called LUJA. Or Luj. Or Juja. She knows TUVALU, too. I still adore her name and think I won’t ever stop loving it!
Little beast is close to a proffessional surfer already, she keeps her balance on the surf like she’s been doing it for ages. She swims for the ball already and loves zooming along the shore and running around in the shallow water.  On the other hand she pretty much sucks at walking on the leash so we are working on it. Other times she just walks on Flexi (Which by the way is the most awesome thing ever and why did I never use it before!? Oh, right, because every time I did see it in use was people using it wrong on walks; like using it but not really, so their dog would weave between dogs and people.) So, basically, a very useful thing I realised and both of my dogs have it now, hehehe. #basic She is incredibly smart and insanely adorable. Loves to give kisses and adores getting her tummy stroked. Also, crazy vocal! She produces these weird sounds that are somehow between howling and growling and it is just the coolest thing I’ve ever heard and it’s hard not to answer her in similar kind of sounds when she does it, haha! #dogpeoplewillrelate Every day is different with her, she’s growing, developing and showing all kinds of behaviours. I am so excited to see what she will grow up into! How fast she grew to my heart is close to impossible and in daily company of her wonderful mom I think she will just turn out all kinds of perfect.


For me life has always been combining passions; the love for the dogs and their pure hearts that I can’t go a day without. The endless capturing of happy moments that bring you back in time. And last but not least, the desire to go, to explore, adventure, travel and breathe in freedom and exhale laughs in the company of people that not only make you a better person but rather think your wildest ideas and dreams are the best thing ever.


Every puppy moment is priceless and it flies by too fast. Knowing Tuvalu since birth has been an awesome ride and it has only just begun.
Every day with them is infinity, forever in a day.

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