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I thought,
what amazing luck i have
that the world has created such beautiful things
and given me the eyes
to see them.

© Eva Premk

Escaping. The snow? Might be. Real life? Perhaps.

Life’s just been pretty wild lately. I just need to learn to keep track. Things will start making sense, I bet.


Subliminal. I’ve been introduced to this word just recently. Existing or functioning below the threshold of consciousness. It can be anything that sends you a message without your knowledge of it. Resulting from processes of which the individual is not aware. We talked about movies, about photographs, to be exact. About messages we’re receiving through them without being aware. At all. It’s like life. All the things we see, and hear, people we meet,… Everything you’ve ever done, everything you’ve ever heard or seen,… you hold a part of it all. All of those left a little feeling inside you that built up while you didn’t even realize. But it’s there and it’s growing. It’s making up you.
Energies. Vibrations. Spirits. Vibes. Can those be counted as subliminal?
I’ve always had this weird interest of something beyond reality or what the world teaches us to be real. But what in fact is reality? Who made it up? Who labeled it? What do people mean when they look at you and say, Get serious, child, get real. You’re not living in the real world.

Are you?


My thoughts and beliefs are way out of this planet, but the good thing about it is; nobody needs to understand.
But some people do anyway. And the best thing is, I’ve never asked them to.

Just another messy post.
I’m leaving tomorrow. Island of eternal spring. Sounds good to me! So basically this post was the last one for a while and my planned absence a reason for it. Besides, of course, some of my favourite shots I’ve ever taken which I wanted to share with the universe.


don’t ever lose the fire in your soul
the paradise in your heart
and the wonder of your mind

  • Seline Richardsen

    24/01/2017at14:41 Reply

    This is amazing! Really well written! And these pictures are stunning ❤❤❤

  • Vanina

    24/01/2017at17:41 Reply

    What an very nice blog ! I love the pictures ! I wish you a lot of fun for tomorrow ! :) ♥

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