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go far but stay close

‘Cause with your hand in my hand and a pocket full of soul, I can tell you there’s no place we couldn’t go.

First week of 2017 flew by.

We spent the weekend in style, as always. Saturday hanging around Golden Fox Ski World Cup in Maribor, Slovenia (Should be read as; In the forest chasing the morning sun with the dogs and getting hyped about the rented gear for a day ( Canon 85mm f/1.2 and Canon Speedlite 600EX II-RT  ) and defrosting our butts in a warm car afterwards). However Eva and I were as usual running after our dogs, but you can still find some actual photos from the event here.


Side note, Vicky only stepped out of the car and couldn’t decide which leg to leave on the ground in order to keep the other three warm. ( It was – 14°C, who would blame her!). So yes, Vicky always wears jackets in the winter. And yes, she wears boots, too. Not only she looks the most adorable thing in her sweater and funny little boots when she’s walking around receiving compliments, but they just actually make winter adventures so much easier for her. We keep Fernie in our backpack everywhere we go as well as Quinzee (They go together for super freezing circumstances!).  We finally got to test new Ruffwear Polar Trex Boots just the same! Pullover stretch gaiter does its job perfectly – keeping the snow away from the hook-and-loop closure so the boots stay on perfectly no matter how much she’s moving around in the deep snow! Whenever I put shoes on her, all I do the entire walk is count; 1, 2, 3, oh snap where did the 4th one go now!? This time, however, I didn’t have to. All 4 stayed on the whole time.


And Sunday? Well, here comes the second day of ultimate survival. So cold. So worth it. Always.


Smrekovec (1577m), 4 hoomans, 5 wagging tails and… see yourself!


I am starting a new photography project. Well, I tried starting it yesterday, but then took the camera out of my backpack in super freezing snowy weather and hey, the UV filter broken to pieces. Where, why or how; who knows.  Definitely screwed on the lens too tight so now I’m stuck with a broken UV filter tight up on the lens and can’t get it off. Priceless.

All of us are looking for some kind of escape.
Occasionally, we find it in each other.

  • Annabelle

    09/01/2017at14:57 Reply

    Wauw So many beautiful words and photos to tell a story so full of love and inspiration.
    Amazing photo as always…(makes me want snow so much) , and as always, lovely Vicky Gr

    • Anja Troha

      09/01/2017at17:52 Reply

      Thank you, thank you, thank you ♡

  • Seline Richardsen

    09/01/2017at15:01 Reply

    ahh looks so beautiful there! Makes me wanna come! Wish we had more daylight here so I could take snow pictures, It sin’t easy having a 2 month long polar night :))

    • Anja Troha

      09/01/2017at17:52 Reply

      Thank you! ♡

  • Ida Alexandersson

    09/01/2017at15:08 Reply

    So lovely pictures! What a beautiful landscape it´s in Slovenia. Love to see it, and so much more! Great site! :)

    • Anja Troha

      09/01/2017at17:52 Reply

      Thank you so much. Slovenia is one hell of a gorgeous country indeed!

  • Vanina

    09/01/2017at18:53 Reply

    Owwww !!! So beautiful photos ! You are very talented : I love your writing style ! Sorry to hear about your lense, I hope it can be fast repair !

    • Anja Troha

      09/01/2017at20:07 Reply

      Thank yoooou! ♡ Ya I need to get it off and buy a new filter I guess, haha.

  • Luna C. Lupus

    09/01/2017at19:44 Reply

    It sounds like the perfect winter adventure!❤️ I LOVE that you took the kitty with you! What an amazing pack you have! Mine generally hate the cold temperatures, but with some warm clothes and toys they can get motivated to forget about it! ;)

    Love this entire website btw!

    • Anja Troha

      09/01/2017at20:08 Reply

      Hvala hvala hvala ♡♡

  • Marlen

    09/01/2017at21:28 Reply

    The 85mm suits you well I’d say ♡ so jealous of your weekends, always! But great to be updated about everything here!

    • Anja Troha

      10/01/2017at09:59 Reply

      Thank you so much! ♡ I loved the lens, yepyep! We’ll have some weekends like that if you come around this year anytime :p

  • Ponifani

    10/01/2017at06:56 Reply

    Wonderful pictures! I love so much attitude, which you are writing. It makes you smile!

    • Anja Troha

      10/01/2017at09:59 Reply

      Thank you! ♡

  • Mara Coteata

    10/01/2017at09:20 Reply

    I’m so glad that was only a UV filter!! When you posted the photo I thought your actual lens was broken and I was so sad!

    • Anja Troha

      10/01/2017at10:00 Reply

      Hahahahaha I was so shocked when I saw it especially because the broken glass reflected on the lens under it. Needed some time to figure out it’s luckily just the UV filter!

  • Fenne

    10/01/2017at10:49 Reply

    That cat is just the coolest!
    Beautiful photographs as always.
    I am struggling now with finding joy again since my best friend Ziggy passed away last week, but these images gave me a spark of energy.

    • Anja Troha

      10/01/2017at12:16 Reply

      Thank you ♡
      Yes, I’ve seen it. So sorry for your loss. Time heals. Besides, they’re always with us even when we can’t reach for them and stroke them behind their ears. Their spirits are too grounded to leave this earth ♡ Hang in there, lots of love, hugs and kisses your way ♡

  • Juan Bourgon

    06/11/2018at14:32 Reply

    Amazing pictures. Your posts are full of life and light. You express very well the joy of sharing life with our hairy friends. I have a three years old female BC (Ibby) and a two years old male Spanish Water Dog (Alfi). I love photography so I take lots of photos of my dogs too. Congratulations for your Blog.

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