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we are infinite

Right now, we are alive.

And in this moment, I swear we are infinite.

Infinite. The feeling of being absolutely everything. Anything. Nothing is separate and you are a part of it all. Being there at that moment without knowledge of time and space. Endless. Being at one with life. Not needing, wanting or caring about anything but present and feeling completely content with it. Eternal. We are eternal.


Like the ocean. Timeless.

We welcomed 2017 staring at the ocean. Feet soaked in the clear freezing water, running barefoot along the sandy beach, laughing our hearts out. Dogs enjoyed digging in the sand, their noses and mouths covered with it but their eyes sparkling. My kitten, soon to be 6 months, followed us down the beach as we were filling up our lungs with fresh seaside air that brought some memories of the carefree summer days. First day of the following year needs to be the seaside. Big things coming up, new goals and resolutions are set. Life’s still wild. And the joy feels permanent.

It doesn’t matter where I am, my dear, if you’re with me it’s a beautiful place.


  • Marlen

    04/01/2017at01:08 Reply

    Anja you created the most beautiful website ever! Can’t get over how well written all the texts are, not talking about all those amazingly fitting and colourful photos. Can’t wait for the next time we meet ♡

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at01:19 Reply

      Thaaaaaank you sooo much Marlen! Cannot wait to see you next year again! <3

      • Marlen

        09/01/2017at21:29 Reply

        *this year hopefully :P ♡

  • Vanina

    04/01/2017at09:27 Reply

    Yes , it’s right !!! Your website is the most beautiful ever but I have already told you it :)

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at11:38 Reply

      Thank you Vanina!! <3

  • Lana Sokota

    04/01/2017at09:45 Reply

    This is far the most wonderful website i’ve ever seen. You truly did a fantastic work and i’ll say that your hard work payed off.

    When I’m reading this, i got the weird familiar feeling. Like all the words you’re writing, is something i would say or think. Only reading this makes my heart sing and my mind blown, because it’s so wonderful to see that someone has such a strong will and passion for life. And I think the most amazing thing ever is not taking life for granted and taking every opportunity that comes your way, living and loving it.
    You are a big inspiration and I’m looking forward to all the news here on your website.
    And remember, like someone said to me some time ago, never lose your love for life.

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at11:39 Reply

      Girl I sometimes feel like you’re another me, hahaha, Oh well, big times. Thank you so endlessly a lot.
      And yep, I won’t. Ever <3

  • Wiki NoBie

    04/01/2017at11:44 Reply

    This is awesome, I can’t get enough of this. Your website was absolutely worth waiting for!

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at15:24 Reply

      Thaaaank you!! ♡

  • Kyradventures

    04/01/2017at12:05 Reply

    this is soooo amazing, good job you’re the best❤ love u ☺️

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at15:25 Reply

      Thank you so much! ♡ Not sure who you are exactly but guess I love you too, haha :p ♡

  • Inez & Amy

    04/01/2017at14:16 Reply

    Your homepage is so beautiful, Anja! So colorful and bright, like summer in the internet ❤️.Keep on the good work! I love reading your texts ♡

    • Anja Troha

      04/01/2017at15:25 Reply

      Thank you so much Inez! ♡

  • Kayleigh Erkamp

    04/01/2017at21:09 Reply

    This is seriously amazing
    You can be so proud of it!

    The love is so real. Vicky and you are a wonderfull team and you can see it in everything.
    A lot of huggs from Ozzy and me ❤️

    • Anja Troha

      08/01/2017at10:09 Reply

      Thank you SO much! Sending lots of hugs right back ♡

  • Laura Dabrowski

    04/01/2017at22:50 Reply

    I waited for this sooo long and it’s definitely worth!
    Ohh Anja this is just WOW I enjoyed every single word and picture♥
    This is definitely the most beautiful website ever!
    Thanks for giving us the Chance to Show us your uniqe Lifestyle. :)

    • Anja Troha

      08/01/2017at10:11 Reply

      Thank you Laura, thank you SO much for all the support ♡

  • Cinthya Leiva

    06/01/2017at02:23 Reply

    The website is amazing! I read all and enjoyed ir so much! Pictures are incredible! Congratulations! And thanks for giving a oportunity to see your work!
    Greetings from The other side of planet, Chile!

    • Anja Troha

      08/01/2017at10:11 Reply

      Thank you soooo much!! ♡

  • Anja Troha

    08/01/2017at10:12 Reply

    Hey, thank you. It’s made with WordPress. If you choose a good template it’s not difficult to create it once you get used to the features :)

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