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Basically… just actually… maybe, perhaps,.. finally? Well, any or all of those, here comes my long awaited website!


November feels like a good month for another big step in life so why not. Still a couple of things to add, fix and change but if I start doing all of that right now… my website release date would happen to be in far 2018. Earliest. I’m not even kidding, I’ve been working on this website for the last 3 years but keep in mind I’m the biggest procrastinator you’ll ever get a chance to meet so truth be told I’ve actually been working on it for the past three weeks. It’s not perfect but rather a bit messy and a bit cranky, but that’s very much like my life so take it as it is! Ahh snap,… and as you can see, I am not a born blogger but rather a very emotional write-as-you-speak kind of a person. I will (hopefully) learn with time.



However, in case you haven’t stalked me through my website just yet, here’s shortly everything you need to know about me, this website and this blog: Hello, I’m Anja (Haven’t introduced myself just yet and realized that should be the first thing!), another one of those heavy dreamers more in the air than on solid ground, more in my head than in real world. I have indescribable desire for distanced places, new adventures, spontaneous travels and dream of owning a van one day to travel the world. (Go big or go home kind of a deal). All that being said there’s always my dog(s) to follow me around so they’ve always been/are/will be included in whatever I may get up to in life. Plus I totally don’t own 5 cats (Any tips and tricks on how to van life with cats included very welcome!) And oh, I have the coolest, most amazing and inspiring friends on the world whose craziness is keeping me sane. Forever thankful for these extraordinary souls that share the same drive for life. Plus I might also do some canine photography and videos. You should check out my photo gallery and YouTube channel, I swear I have so many plans for the future, but so little time (khm-motivation-khm).

I can see this blog going very much personal already. I’ll do my best to limit it!

I’ll try to be regular and blog as much as I can! For the rest, you can follow me on Facebook ( Jolly Vicky and Anja Troha Canine Photography) and Instagram (plus Youtube as mentioned before).



It is perhaps the biggest loss to live a life on the ground without ever taking off.



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