Date of birth: 01.01.2006

Size: 48cm

Luna is one hundred percent one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. She’s over 10 at  the moment and yet fools me every single day in the craziest possible ways.

Luna is a rescue dog my family adopted in autumn 2006. Everybody keeps saying she looks like a Beagle but in real life she doesn’t. And apart from  the hunting instinct she has no character similar to  a Beagle either! Apparently we fell for her brown bordered eyes and angel expression. Soon after it hit us like a train and for the first time ever she fooled us. I was 11 when we got her, what did I know about dog training… I grew up with a dog but had no knowledge whatsoever about training one. Getting Luna with all her faults and fears  (terrified, ran after trains, cars, bicycles, would growl, attack and bite without warning, destroy everything that came her way) was a challenge for my whole family. Not knowing how to deal with all of this and fearing to have anything to do with her, clicker training and starting agility helped us a whole lot to get the right contact and understanding on both sides. She was never easy to motivate so I struggled with getting her attention. Now looking back it all seems unreal to me as she loves to work and would do anything for a treat or even a toy.

I actually always thought she had a character of a cat. She would come and ask to be stroked but if you sat down next to her on the sofa and wanted to cuddle, she’d be gone before you’d have time to notice.

She was 4 years old when I got Vicky and this is when she changed a lot. I feared getting another dog because I was sure the puppy would  take after all the bad behaviors of Luna. Well, Vicky didn’t. In fact, Luna became a totally different dog after the arrival of her new best friend. Even asking to work with me and coming for cuddles which she never did before. Unstable as she was, my brave little pup helped her a lot in everyday life as well.

She looooves to eat and if she doesn’t get to eat, she steals. Actually her mission on our daily walks is to find as many places as possible where people leave cat food… She finds all the possible ways to get food so I gave up keeping her skinny a long time ago.